Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Democrats are going for McCain's jugular on economic issues. It's about time. This ad, pitched to Rustbelt voters by the Ohio Democratic Party, is brutally effective because it actually marshals damning facts to link John McCain, his lobbyist cronies, and the economic devastation of the Rustbelt. It's a stark contrast with McCain's fact-free ads about Obama and injured soldiers, Obama as Paris Hilton, and Obama as "the one."

Thanks to Ari (now I know he's a fellow Rustbelt Intellectual) at Edge of the American West.


Ari said...

I prefer to think of myself as a rusty pseudo-intellectual, thank you very much. After all, I need to maintain my street cred in Shaker Heights.

Tom S said...
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Tom S said...

I had to figure that at least one of you out at the Edge of the American West is part of the Great Rustbelt Diaspora.

With all the housing foreclosures out there in the Golden State, it's beginning to look more and more like Ohio West.

aiya said...

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