Saturday, September 6, 2008

Calling Obama-crats

I'm new to the world of blogging and I have little sense of who's out there reading these posts. So on the off chance that there is someone out there with the ear of the Obama campaign, I offer these modest strategy suggestions now that the conventions are done and things are kicking into high gear:

Talking points: After Senator McBush nominated Gov. Moosehead to be his running mate, the sad affair of Tom Eagleton in 1972 was resurrected. Apparently, Obama surrogates have been instructed to bring up Eagleton whenever possible. Not an effective strategy.

Only political junkies and Sunday morning talk show pundits remember Eagleton. No one else cares.

Instead, Obama's people need to characterize McBush's proposals - any and all of them - as "old and tired." More tax cuts for the rich? Old and tired. More oil drilling? Old and tired. Endless war in Iraq? Old and tired. Get it? Old and tired. Repeat after me, Old and tired. Not only does this highlight McBush's geriatric-ness - it has the added benefit of being entirely true.

Boston Harbor Redux: One of the most stunning moments of the 1988 campaign came when candidate George I blew into Boston Harbor and railed at how polluted it was. George I came right into Dukakis's backyard and pants-ed (sp?) him over the issue of the environment. So I suggest that this fall Obama find an emerging alternative energy company that has grown because of the Federal tax credits that are about to expire. Find one in Arizona. Photo-op in front of wind turbines or solar cells and ask why McBush has skipped 8 different votes to extend these energy credits, thus threatening jobs right in his own state.

The Doctor Is In: Not only is McBush old, tired and increasingly prone to forget that Iraq doesn't share a border with Pakistan, but he has been sick. It is considered impolite to raise that issue directly - though I'm not sure why, given McBush's fragile health is all that would stand between us and President Moosehead. And as a Senator, McBush enjoys the best health plan in the world. So, Obama needs to ask McBush when he last filed an insurance claim. Ask him when he last had to fight an insurance company over a denied claim. Ask him what his co-pays have been, what his deductible is, what his out-of-pockets costs have been. Ask him repeatedly.

The Rich Are Different: McBush can't remember how many houses he has. Pound that. But demand as well to know exactly how much his family is worth. According to Vanity Fair, Cindy McBush's outfit at the convention was worth roughly $300K. Ask him how much he has personally benefited from the Bush tax cuts and how much he will benefit from his own proposals. Too rich to understand most Americans; too out-of-touch to care; too old to remember when he did.

Obama folks, if you're out there, it is time to take the gloves off. Hope these ideas help.