Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reid My Lips

I've just been hit up - again - for money from the Democratic Senate Campaign, or whatever it is they call themselves. This time the appeal came with a big picture of fat ol' Rush Limbaugh and told me how Rush was going to derail the Obama administration. It went on to tell me how important my contribution would be to get a 60 vote majority in the Senate in 2010.

I'm not giving a dime and not just because I want the Rush Limbaugh Follies to go on and on. Between Rush and Michael Steele the Wingnut Party just gets better and better. And after you've caught those acts, you can tune into the Bobby Jindal show! Too funny.

I'm not poney-ing up any money because right now the biggest obstacle to getting bills through the Senate is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. I complained about Reid some weeks ago in a post here and nothing that has happened since has given me any more confidence. Indeed, Reid's failure to get the votes in order for the big omnibus spending bill - a virtual no brainer - suggests that I was too kind about the Senator from the great state of Nevada.

Let's be clear: 60 votes are necessary to close off a filibuster. To date, Senate Republicans have only hinted that they might, perhaps maybe filibuster certain bills or nominees. They have, in fact, initiated exactly zero filibusters. Yet those threats have been enough to put Reid in a tizzy and driven Democratic operatives to dream about a filibuster-proof 60 votes.

The solution to the filibuster - and I'm certainly not the first or only person to say this - is for Reid to call the bluff. Give the minority party, the party of flat-earthers and Limbaugh-lovers, the opportunity to stall the business of the nation even as the economy goes down the drain. Poll numbers don't go as low as the Republicans would sink.

If he forced an actual showdown, Reid might discover A) that he gets the few votes he needs from Republicans like Arlen Specter, Jim Bunning and Olympia Snow who are terrified about their re-election or B) that the Republican threat is simply empty noise. Like everything else about the Republicans at the moment.

So until Reid gets his Senate in order, I'm not giving him any money.


joel hanes said...

Sen. Reid is less ineffectual than he seems to liberals. He (and Sen Feinstein) are actually very effective at getting the outcome they want -- it's just that they don't want liberal outcomes.

That's why Reid scrupulously honors a "hold" placed by a Republican Senator, while a hold placed by a Democratic Senator is ignored : the Democratic Senator's hold might produce a frankly liberal outcome. Sen. Reid arranges things so that frankly liberal outcomes never ensue.

Or hadn't you noticed.

Ralph Luker said...

Jim Bunning? You've *got* to be *kidding*!

likwidshoe said...

Well, maybe you'll get lucky and you guys can remake America into the land of Michigan and Detroit.

(Don't forget to insult those freedom loving Americans who disagree with your poverty-stricken ways.)

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