Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama the Mugwump

As I have listened to McShame/Moosehead (Geezer/Dingbat in a yard sign I saw recently) attack Barack Obama for being a closet socialist something didn't seem quite right. No, it isn't that the charge is ludicrous on its face - what, after all, does one expect from a woman who has said that god wants to us to build more pipelines in Alaska (god is so mavericky, isn't she??!!)

Rather, I found myself asking: Is this the same Barack Obama that McShame accused of being a secret Hooverite in the second presidential debate?? How did the man compared to Herbert Hoover, who staunchly defended his vision of free-market, "associative" capitalism even as it spiraled down the drain, suddenly become the love-child of Che Guevara?

Perhaps McShame has spotted something here the rest of us have missed? Perhaps Obama really can contain the contradictions of being both Herbert Hoover and Eugene V. Debs? Does this mean that under an Obama administration we will get capitalistic socialism? or socialized capitatlism? Gads!

Or does it really mean that the McShame/Moosehead campaign has fallen so far off the rails that they can't even keep their sleazy smearing "on message." I understand that over the weekend McShame will accuse Obama of being a Dreyfusard. Or a Jacobin, I can't remember which. And neither can he.


King Politics said...

It's really an indictment on the inherently negative message of the McCain campaign. It has little positives to offer the American public, so it relies on negativity. Really reminds me of Bob Dole's pathetic 1996 effort.

boukman70 said...

Don't forget, Obama is now "palling around with" the "terrorist" Rashid Khalidi. Apparently, when he's not running the P.L.O., Khalidi takes time out to be the director of the Middle East Institute of Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs. God, I have the feeling this crap will not end on Nov. 5.

Liberte, egalite, fraternite!!!

joel hanes said...

McCain's campaign statements are rebellion against the idea that words have meaning. Or as Frank Zappa remarked "Don't waste your time."

Anonymous said...

Or one of the dirty "populares", you know, like those evil Gracchi brothers! That''l get their attention!

John Skrentny said...

yes, it is crazy, but contradictory messages have worked in the past for the GOP. who can forget that incorrigible liberal, the big-government-tax-and-spend lefty, John Kerry--who was ALSO a pathetic flip-flopper with no principles?

likwidshoe said...

So Obama isn't a socialist?


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