Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The 2008 election has messed with the conventional wisdom on race and American politics. The photo above, taken in Martinsville, Indiana, a longtime stronghold of the KKK, is a sign of how the times are a' changing. At least some white voters, who have a distaste for African Americans, who don't live or work near them, and who romanticize the old Confederacy will nonetheless be pulling the lever for the first time for a black candidate.

For at least some voters, interest trumps identity.

H/t to Rustbelt reader Bryant for this one.


Anonymous said...

According to the Bloomington Herald Times, the house is occupied by a minister and her husband. She lets him fly the flag in the name of non-conformity (there's a jolly roger in the back yard) and he lets her put out the Obama sign.

likwidshoe said...

And, for the majority of the Democrat voters, identity trumps interest.

Hey, did you hear? Obama is black! Vote for the black guy!

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