Saturday, July 5, 2008


It seems only appropriate to take a moment to mark the way, way, way untimely death of one of the most virulent, racist, homophobic, misogynistic politicians of recent American history, Jesse Helms. Most North Carolinians believe in a just God: and if they are right, She has dispatched the late Senator to the place where evildoers find no respite from their sins.

To Jesse's shade, I offer up "Wallace"--a song told from the vantage point of the Devil himself (who has a Wallace bumper sticker on his Cadillac--and no doubt a Helms one too). The song is from Southern Rock Opera, one of the greatest albums by the greatest Southern band of Jesse's last decade, The Drive-By Truckers. So throw another log on the fire boys...George Corley Wallace has company.

Throw another log on the fire, boys, George Wallace is coming to stay

When he met St. Peter at the pearly gates, I'd like to think that a black man stood in the way.

I know "All should be forgiven", but he did what he done so well

So throw another log on the fire boys,

George Wallace is a coming…

P.S. A little more on Jesse: examples of his vile rhetoric, the Helms-McCain connection, and a really smart post about Jesse Helms's long history of racism.


Hesperis said...

This is SOoooo great. Thanks.

aiya said...

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